After working in Telecommunications for over 25 years, I decided to offer my services to the industry as a Consultant.


Beginning my career with GEC Telecommunications, I moved on to work with large corporates such as Alcatel Telecom and ADC Systems Integration. This involved extensive travel accross the UK, Europe, USA and Caribbean . Technologies included PDH, SDH, DWDM and voice switching. Roles ranged from engineering and  project management right through to operational management.


Now working as a self-employed Consultant, with particular emphasis on Data Centres, notable achievements so far have been:

  • Delivery of a 200 rack Data Centre in the Channel Islands - 2006

  • Fibre delivery project for BT 21CN - 2007

  • Delivery of a 90 rack Data Centre in the Channel Islands - 2007

  • Property and utility cost reduction project in Jamaica - 2007

  • Delivery of a 140 rack Colocation Centre in Lonon - 2008

  • Delivery of steel-framed building housing 4 x 70-rack Data Centres - 2010

  • Delivery of a 105 rack Data Centre and power project in London - 2013


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Some past clients......