Four Dish Satellite Teleport


Client Scope

Client, based in the Isle of Man, purchased land in an area zoned-off for broadcasting use only. The land was located on top of a hill in a hostile, windy environment. The objective was to build a new 4 dish satellite Teleport to track and control satellites over Europe. The facility was to also comprise 2 off Equipment Buildings (containing amplifiers and de-icing equipment) and a large Power Building (containing electrical plant/switchgear, UPS, generators, CCTV, access control and fibre connectivity. A new higher capacity substation was to replace the existing one. This would power the site as well as the neighbouring buildings owned by Arqiva, Manx Govt (Dep of Home Affairs) and a local farmer.



A designer was appointed and low-level designs produced and signed off with the client. Principal Contractor appointed to excavate the site, construct the satellite bases and erect the buildings (brick structures).

A seperate company was engaged to undertake trenching works for power and fibre to the site. This involved trenching over farmers fields and a small river to connect to a data centre 2Km away. This would provide fibre connectivity to the Teleport. All wayleave negotiations concluded before any trenching work commenced.

Trenching works for the new substation was carried out simultaneously and a new transformer installed. An outage was arranged and the new transformer cut in with minimal disruption to the neighbouring tenants.

The three new buildings, complete with internal M&E plant, were constructed successfully, despite extremely inclement weather. Pallasade fencing was erected around the site and security controlled by means of a proximity card access system. CCTV cmeras were erected around the perimeter of the site.

The project was successfully handed over in August 2019 and officially opened by the RT Hon Laurence Skelly, Isle of Man Minister for Enterprise.