London Colo Centre

Client Requirement


A London based client acquired an old colocation facility with the sole objective of converting it into a modern class-leading data centre. The facility was located on the first floor of a multi-tenanted building in the city of London.


The client had no experience of building such a facility and outsourced management of the project to a supply partner. The partner in turn engaged my services to manage the project in it's entirety and to completion.


The client spec'd a 140-rack data centre with 900KVA incomer and 1MVA back-up Generator. A small meet-me room was also required for network coss-connectivity.


The project also called for refurbishment of existing office space, construction of a new Network Operations Centre (NOC), a new kitchen and revamp of an existing reception area.




The first task undertaken was to survey the site and produce a detailed report on the current state of the existing M&E equipment. A recommendation to scrap and replace with new was accepted by the client.


After composing the budget and selecting the suppliers, JCT contracts were put in place for all parties. Designs were drafted and circulated for approval. The project qualified as a notifiable project under CDM regulations and was notified to the HSE



The construction work commenced with de-installation of the old plant and refurbishment of the technical space. This was followed by the installation of raised flooring with a cavity height of 400mm.


Air-con pipe-work was installed from the 1st to the 7th floor (roof level). UPS, air-handling units, power distribution, fire suppression, CCTV and access control systems were installed accordingly. As were 25 initital server cabinets in readiness for day-one clients.


Away from the 1st floor activities, a 1MVA back-up Generator was installed in the rear yard and a mains failure switch and transformer in the basement. Extensive building and renovation work was performed in the basement to accommodate the latter two.


The project was completed ahead of schedule and to budget.