New Steel-framed Building

Client Scope


Due to a lack of internal room space within their existing buildings, the client commissioned the construction of a brand new steel-framed building which will house four data centres. Two of the data centres will be built as part of this project and the other two at a later date. The project also necessitated a large amount of civils on the site to bring fibre, copper, power and water services into the new building.




Appointed as client PM responsible for co-ordinating all activities including managing client approved suppliers. Advised, recommended and co-ordinated all contracts between the client, main contractor and other contractors. These ranged from design and build to intermediate sub-contract agreements.


The project commenced in Dec 2008 with extensive piling for the foundations (an old quarry site). Major excavation and ground-work activities took place over the next 4 months culminating in the pouring of 800 tonnes of concrete for the building foundations and two service slabs.


Whilst the slabs were being constructed, an extensive civils programme ran concurrently. Trenching and digging activities were underway for the installation of copper, fibre, electrical and water services into the new building.


On completion of the foundations, the two-storey steel-framed building was erected. A two-ton capacity lift was installed to move equipment to the two first floor rooms. The exterior of the building was cladded with Kingspan panels and the interior fitted with modular room panels throughout.


Two of the four rooms were fitted out with M&E plant, CCTV and access control. The associated external power plant and switchgear was installed accordingly.


Liaiason also took place with local authority reps from the Planning Office, Environmental Health, Fire Office and Water Board.


The project was completed successfully to schedule in the summer of 2009.











Many thanks for your final report and a special thank you for the excellent service you have given to us throughout this important project.


Your leadership and proficiency no doubt was a big  part of ensuring a successful completion to this project...