Site Safety Management

Sample F100001

Any UK construction project that has a duration in excess of 30 days or 500 person hours must be notified to the HSE by law (Construction Design Management Regulations 2013). This is irrespective of the industry that the work is to be carried out in.


Below are some of the tasks that can be undertaken:


  • Communicate to client and suppliers their duties under the CDM Regulations.


  • Assist with the completion and submission of the notification document (Form 10).


  • Co-ordinate the producion of the Safety Plan (typically drafted by a local safety consultant).


  • Distribute Safety Plan to all parties.


  • Create and maintain on-site Safety File.


  • Perform site safety inductions.


  • Manage on-site safety process and perform weekly inspections.


  • Chair safety review meetings.


  • Produce weekly safety report and accident stats/KPI's.


  • Conduct toolbox talks as appropriate.