Technical Due Diligence Lead


Client Scope

The client identified a small telecommunications company in the US for acquisition. The company had facilities in New York and Los Angeles providing colocation services to customers.

The brief was to make two separate visits to the US. The first would be to meet with the seller, assess the two facilities and produce a report documenting findings and recommendations. The second visit would be full technical due diligence which would also involved assistance from a business analyst and financial expert.



The initial meeting with the client was held in New York. A visit was made to the facility, based at 60 Hudson St, with only key staff members involved. Basic information was requested and provided such as equipment details, power consumption, warranties and building restrictions. The same was carried out in Los Angeles after which a report was submitted to teh client.


A second visit later in the year was undertaken to carry out due diligence. Starting this time in Los Angeles, a database was created into which the client deposited all relevant documents including lease agreements, utility information, maintenance/warranties, equipment schedules, customer lists, staffing levels, staff salaries. One-on-one Interviews were conducted with a staff.

The above was repeated at New York and all findings documented. On return to the UK, a full report was produced which contained detailed recommendations. This included costs to modern the two facilities which were basically old Central Offices with a small amount of modern data centre capability. Also contained within the report, was a high-level project plan detailing the timeline required for the total modernisation works.